FedEx Shipping Tip

10 04 2009

If you’re shipping something via FedEx, you have several choices.  They include a scheduled pickup, using an authorized shipping store, or a FedEx Kinko’s (aka FedEx Office).  Which is better?

Dropping it off at FedEx Office is the best.  Why?

  1. Package is immediately scanned into system.
  2. You get a receipt at drop-off time.
  3. The package is stored in a secure area.

T5 Disaster

13 05 2008

When British Airways (BA) opened-up their brand-new Terminal 5 (T5) at London Heathrow airport, March 27, 2008, it was a unmitigated disaster on every level.  T5 will probably go down in history as the first big monumental failure of man and machinery of the 21st Century.  Some pundits say T5 makes for a good British comedy.

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Air Traffic Controller

1 05 2008

Being an air traffic controller has got to be THE most stressful job in the world.  You must be 100% perfect every single minute of every single day while on the job.  The consequences of just one small mistake?  The death of dozens or hundreds of people.

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The Man Who Saved A Billion People

6 08 2007

Read about the man who saved a billion human lives and you’re probably never heard of him.  This is a great article from Newsweek about Norman Borlaug.  Simply fascinating. – Up To 90% Off Deals

26 07 2007

I found this great article which gives quick links to find special deals.

10 Shopping Tricks

22 02 2007

The Consumerist is one of my favorite blog sites. It has great tips for consumers. I’m sure the author’s hero is Ralph Nader. There’s a recent article everyone should read, “10 Shopping Tricks That Stores Hate“.

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Cab Driver Returns Diamond Rings

8 02 2007

A story appeared Feb. 7, 2007 about a New York cab driver.  He gave a lady an $11 ride and was tipped $0.30.  She accidentally left a package in the cab containing 31 diamond rings — surely worth thousands of dollars.  What would you do?

$5,000 Doggie Bone

16 01 2007

My brother has a small breed dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Like all dogs, he loves to chew on bones and rawhide bones.  However, a $2 bone quickly became a $5,000 mistake.

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Factoid – Worst Serial Killer In History

14 12 2006

When you think of the term “serial killer”, who do you think of? BTK? Son of Sam? Bundy? Jack the Ripper? Heard of Dr. Harold Shipman?

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

21 11 2006

In case you don’t know, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. Retailers gave it the nickname “Black Friday” — because that’s when they start turning a profit (red to black). I’ve collected a few good resources for you shoppers out there.

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