Honey Bee Crisis

7 04 2008

If you remember your high school biology, honeybees are needed to pollinate fruit and vegetable crops.  Without these little guys working hard, we would have no crops.  60 Minutes did a great segment on this crisis.  It’s well worth watching.  Here’s another related article.

Green Building

25 03 2008

Business Week came out with this great article about how the Merchandise Mart building in Chicago is making itself green.  Apparently, there are a lot of obvious and not-so-obvious ways to save money (and the environment).

China's Pollution Problem

19 03 2008

I found this great article about China’s pollution problem.  China is following the same pattern/mistake done by every other industrialized country: industrialize at all costs, then fix the environment later.  Although China is making progress in cleaning up the air by closing older coal-fired power plants, the air may not be healthy enough for some events at the upcoming Olympic games.