Bad Chinese Milk

15 09 2008

The largest producer of powdered milk in China was found putting poison in its products.  The added crime — covering it up.  It’s a sad story of how capitalism in China sacrifices safety just to make a buck (or yuan).

Update — Reuters reports that 3 children have died and thousands are reported sick

Barefoot Wines

17 07 2007

I tend to favor sweet, light wines.  My favorite wine varieties are: Gewuerztraminer, desert wines, Merlot, and Riesling, in that order.  I came across Barefoot Wines a few months back.  They make great inexpensive wines — all award-winning.  The store sells them for $5 a bottle.  The Merlot and White Zinfandel are oustanding.  The Pinot Grigio is good — but doesn’t suit me personally. I’ll have to try the rest.


11 01 2007

Have you heard of stevia — the natural sweetener?  In case you’re looking for a sugar substitute because you’re diabetic or just want to cut down on the amount of refined sugar in your diet, you should look into it.

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20 12 2006

How important is iodine in your diet? Apparently critical. Low iodine in your diet causes low I.Q.

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14 11 2006

We use plastics in almost every area of of modern life. We can’t live without them. Here’s a short primer for you.

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Good Restaurants In Honolulu

19 07 2006

There are a lot of good restaurants to recommend in Honolulu. Here are a few I’d like to mention:

Upscale Chinese food. Great decor. Opened up in Kahal at old Tony Roma’s locale. Cost: $8-$10 lunch specials. Dinner a bit more expensive though.

Mei Sum Chinese Dim Sum
By far the best dim sum I’ve had on the island. Get the seaweed wrap and seafood roll. Yum. I’m salvating already. Cost: $7-$10/person.

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos
This Costa Mesa, CA -based company comes to town with a great menu of Californiazed-Mex food. Love the teriyaki beef bowl and the fish tacos. Cost: $10-$12/person.

B.C. Burrito
This casual fast food place serves up big, honking great-tasting burritos. I especially love the seasoned potato burrito (w/o any added meat). Cost: $7-$10/person.

Hot Sauce

18 07 2006

I love hot sauces. I read that adding hot sauces to food raises your metabolism by 20-25%. Hot — a way to “kick things up a notch” and lose weight. (although using hot sauce does make food more tasty so you may eat more) Here are some recommendations of mine:

Ratings: 1..10 (best)

Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce: 9
Love it. Full-bodied flavor and hot.

Jim Bean Hot Sauce: 9
Excellent. Like Emeril’s Green, but with a hint of whiskey and spices.
Found it at closeout at Ross’s.

Emeril’s Green Pepper Sauce: 8
Like Tabasco’s Green, but more full-bodied and slightly hotter.

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce: 7
Milder hot. Goes great with almost everything.

Vietnamese hot sauce: 4
Tastes great in pho soups and fried eggs; otherwise not very useful.

Tabasco original: 3
Too much vinegar for my taste. Sauce is hot, but lacks body.

I also like to add Cayenne pepper to most of my food. Cayenne pepper can be a bit 1-dimensional though.

Yum, yum, enjoy.