Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB Hard Drives

15 10 2009

Seagate’s last generation of hard drives (7200.11) had problems.  The original reports indicated that the drives performed poorly in a RAID array.  Seagate compounded the problem by issuing a firmware fix that sometimes “bricked” the hard drive.  Ouch!!

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HP Incompetence

31 08 2009

HP / Compaq’s  technical support is terrible!  How bad?  Got a printer problem?  Buy a new computer to fix it.

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Cheap Laptops vs. Netbooks

20 08 2009

The whole idea of netbooks was simple: cheap ($300), light (3 lbs.), small (8-10” screen), Intel Atom processor, and no DVD drive.  But what to do to install software?  Buy an external USB drive – about $70.  But now there are cheap $300 laptops with built-in DVD drives.  What should you do?

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Windows 7 FAQ

26 06 2009

I found this good Windows 7 FAQ at PC World.  It’s worth reading.  However, I’ll say a few things it didn’t say:

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Intel E7400 Refresh

15 06 2009

Good news.  Intel is updating its Core 2 Duo processor (code E7400).  This processor is considered the entry-level CPU in the Core 2 Duo family and is wildly popular today.  The big news is that starting in July, the CPU will now incorporate Intel Virtualization Technology (VT).

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Understanding Hard Drive Performance

12 05 2009

When people think of hard drive performance, they usually think only of rotational speed and access time.  However, that is like measuring a car’s performance only by 0-60mph acceleration times.  There’s much more to hard drive performance than just rotational speed and I’d like to discuss that.

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WD HDDs – Too Green

11 05 2009

Western Digital offers its ecological-friendly (i.e. power-saving) line of hard drives called the Caviar Green.  However, are they “too” green?

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CPU Coolers Review

28 04 2009

There’s a great review of LGA1377 (Core i7) CPU coolers in Xbit.  This is one of the best review of current high-performance CPU coolers.  To summarize the results:

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Mail Order Faves

14 04 2009

Here is my list of current mail-order Faves (favorites) – for computer stuff mainly.

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Ultimate CPU Cooling

9 04 2009

If your computer has an Intel Core 2 Duo, Quad (Socket 775) or Core i7 (Socket 1366) processor, I have to tell you about an awesome CPU cooler – the Prolimatech Megahalems.

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