16 09 2008

I found this great website, Ted.com.  They specialize in videos of people speaking about interesting topics in their specific areas of expertise.

Warning: the start of video is loud — turn speakers down.

  1. Open-source software
  2. Mushrooms that can save the world
  3. Free digital library

Bad Chinese Milk

15 09 2008

The largest producer of powdered milk in China was found putting poison in its products.  The added crime — covering it up.  It’s a sad story of how capitalism in China sacrifices safety just to make a buck (or yuan).

Update — Reuters reports that 3 children have died and thousands are reported sick

Hands-only CPR OK

18 04 2008

In a major change, the American Heart Association says that hands-only CPR is okay.  The breathing part is only really necessary for drowning victims and other special cases.

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WiFi – Headaches

12 07 2007

Although I like high-tech, I don’t like WiFi, or commonly known as wireless Internet, a.k.a. 802.11b,g.  The reason?  I get headaches.  Yes, I am one of those special people who are hyper-sensitive to wireless.

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Black Walnut Hull

21 12 2006

A few years back, I was really low on energy — even when eating good.  I couldn’t figure it out.  It seemed like none of the nutritional value in food was being absorbed by my body.  I figured out why — parasites.

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20 12 2006

How important is iodine in your diet? Apparently critical. Low iodine in your diet causes low I.Q.

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Revolutionary Shoe

19 12 2006

Very few shoes have a technology that can be called “revolutionary”.  Nike’s air midsole is probably the most famous to date.  However, I believe that I have come across the next one — Masai Barefoot Technology.

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14 11 2006

We use plastics in almost every area of of modern life. We can’t live without them. Here’s a short primer for you.

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Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze — BEWARE

22 09 2006

In case you haven’t heard (I didn’t), Sharper Image’s Ionic Breeze air purifiers are actually bad for you.

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Comfy Shoes

7 08 2006

During leisure time, it’s critical for me to have comfortable footwear. This is because I have a bunion on one of my feet — it’s big enough to cause me some concern. A friend of mine had her bunions surgically removed and she said it was almost as painful as giving birth. Whoa! — want to avoid that kind of pain. She said she should’ve been more careful to wear better-fitting shoes to avoid aggrivating the problem. I have to agree.

Running Shoes.
I like Nike cross-trainer shoes. They have more leather and so tend to hold up better under wear and tear. Tip — avoid any synthetic leather in shoes — they fall apart after 2 years.

Hiking Boots.
I find that hiking boots are wide enough to make my feet feel good. Each manufacturer designs their shoes around specific master foot molds, so you will find some brands naturally fitting better than others. Merrell brand shoes fit me really well. I am always sure to put in a nice standard or gel insert. I like shopping at REI.

My buddy swears by Birkenstock, but I don’t care for them. I prefer Keen brand sandals instead. I especially like the closed toe variety. You can find these at The Walking Company and REI.

Driving/Camp Shoes.
Okay, technically there are no such shoes made for driving a car or hanging around a campground, but I will mention one such shoe I find ideal for both. Merrell’s “Mocs” (moccasins) are great slip-on type leisure shoes. They are designed for hanging around a campsite after a long day’s hike with soft leather, cushioned and no lace comfort. Because these shoes have a rounded heel area, they also make great shoes for driving a car ( pressing on the accelerator and brake ).

Dress Shoes.
My Bruno Magli shoes are really nice — soft leather makes it supple. Rockport makes nice entry-level shoes, but aren’t quite dressy enough and the leather seems to stretch out over time. Merrell’s line of dress shoes are a pretty good value too. Whenever I get a chance, I get out of dress shoes ASAP.