Recycling Beverage Containers in HI

19 06 2009

Recycling drink containers is pretty much a pain in the butt.  You get charged 5 or 6 cents per container at the register and you only get 5 cents back.  There isn’t enough recycling centers around (or not open at convenient times).  Here are some thoughts on the subject.

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20 05 2009

There’s nothing like duct tape, right?  Well, SuperMEND gets my vote.  It’s a putty-like epoxy that you can use on about anything when you need to make X attach to Y.

Find it at your local hardware store.

Saving Electricity First Step

18 03 2009

If you want to save electricity, the first step is to measure how much each device is using.  The Kill A Watt P4400 is great for doing just that.  Combine with this a short extension cord and you’re on your way to finding out which device is raising your electricity bill so high.  This gizmo is only $22 at Amazon or $40 at Home Depot.

Wall Clocks – Silence Is Golden

5 02 2009

I never really noticed that wall clocks can be noisy.  Yes, a tic-tock is ok for most people, but finding a silent wall clock is tough.  That’s what I learned when I asked my brother to get me a few wall clocks from Ikea.

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16 09 2008

I found this great website,  They specialize in videos of people speaking about interesting topics in their specific areas of expertise.

Warning: the start of video is loud — turn speakers down.

  1. Open-source software
  2. Mushrooms that can save the world
  3. Free digital library

CD/DVD Storage

20 08 2008

I’d like to share some of my opinions about CD/DVD storage options out there.

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Daylight Savings Time Uses MORE Energy

14 03 2008

A study came out this week about an energy study that showed that daylight savings time uses MORE energy than going with standard time.

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Toilet – American Standard Cadet 3

19 07 2007

I needed to replace an old 3.5gal/flush toilet with a 1.6gal/flush unit and did some research on the subject.  Terry Love’s website is a great resource and good starting point.  Surprisingly, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a toilet: flush power, no-clog design, comfort, availability, price, etc.  The subject can get quite involved.  After much deliberation, I settled on the American Standard Cadet 3 and am very happy with the choice.

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Watering Gardens – Fast & Easy

11 07 2007

I don’t particularly like watering the yard by hand — it’s a chore and the mosquitos bite me.  Nevertheless, if you must water your garden, may I suggest two time-saving products: top-of-the-line garden hose and nozzle.

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Eliminating Roaches

3 07 2007

Here are some of my tips if you want to stop a roach infestation in your house.

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