How It Should Have Ended

9 10 2009

I just ran across these great series of videos on YouTube.  How It Should Have Ended gives alternate (and funny) endings to popular movies you’ve seen.  One of the funniest is for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Terminator is also very funny.  Superman rocks too.

UCSD Welcomes You — NOT

2 07 2009

There’s an old cliche – to err is human, to really screw things up requires a computer.  True true.  UCSD accidentally sent acceptance emails to applicants – who were supposed to be rejected.  Ouch!

Heineken Walk-In Fridge Commercial

7 05 2009

I love this commercial.

There is also an update commercial:

and a pretty good spoof.

Funny Photos – Forced Perspective

22 04 2009

Here’s a Russian website with some great forced-perspective photos.

Stunning Coincidence Story

13 04 2009

I was with 4 guys and talking about events in the past week.  The three guys were talking about dinner they had the other day.  The first guy talked about corned beef and cabbage his wife made.  The second guy says the same thing.  And the third guy too.  Then I say, “My mom made corned beef and cabbage the same day too.  What a coincidence!”

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Madden Curse

29 01 2009

Have you heard of the Madden curse? It seems that every player featured on the cover of EA’s John Madden NFL videogame has suffered injuries. Is it true? Read Wikipedia and decide for yourself.

The Year In Beer

10 10 2008

I came across this funny funny article.  American drink lots of beer each year — it’s hard to imagine it until you read this article and look at the pictures.

4 Lafs – DarwinAwards and Engrish

13 08 2008

For a good laugh, check out these two websites: DarwinAwards and Engrish.

Amazing Videos 1

14 07 2008

I ran across two amazing videos:

Bobcat Shovel Does Wheelie:

Ball Girl:

Read the real story after watching the video.

My original source for the above two videos was a PC World blog.

King Cobra Daycare:


Top Tech Flops

9 07 2008

Fortune magazine has this great article about top technology flops.  The article is a bit old – Dec ’07, but it’s still worth a few laughs.  Top of the list?  The toilet that catches fire.  Ha ha.