Turbo BitTorrent

21 04 2010

For advanced users – if you use BitTorrent and the uTorrent client, I have a two tips that may help you “turbocharge” your downloads.

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More Nexflix Tips

8 09 2009

I’ve previously given some tips for Netflix users.  And I’ve learned a few more that I’d like to share.

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Google Search in Hawaiian

1 09 2009

Are you fluent in the Hawaiian language?  Now you can do Google searches in Hawaiian,

Saving YouTube Videos

28 08 2009

Do you like a particular YouTube video and wish you could save it to your local hard drive?  There’s an easy way to do this – SaveVid.com.

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Keep Your Facebook Profile Private

27 08 2009

In case you use Facebook, you should know to keep your profile private – allowing only your friends to see your personal info – not the whole world.  Follow the instructions in this CNet article.

Great non-Google Search Engines

30 06 2009

Wired has this great article about great non-Google search engines

Easy Envelope Printing

1 06 2009

I hate envelope printing.  It takes 5 minutes to get MS Word started, type in what I needed, dig up envelopes, then insert them properly into the laser printer, etc.  I also double-check addresses at usps.com.  Is there a simpler way?  Yes.  Web Envelopes is a great web app that gets it done in no time flat.  It validates your addresses, then prints an envelope with barcodes.  Worried about privacy?  It doesn’t print a return address.

BuddyPoke on FaceBook

23 04 2009

The phenomenally successfully BuddyPoke is now on FaceBook.  With 30million+ users, it’s a hit with the young (and young at heart) crowd.  In case you’re with some other social networking site, here are some links:


17 04 2009

In case you want to download mp3s for free, try out beemp3.com.  It’s a search engine for mp3 music.  The collection out there is pretty amazing.

Google Voice

15 04 2009

One thing nice about having a Google Mail (GMail) account are the fringe benefits you also get.  One of them is Google Voice.  This service gives you a free virtual phone number.

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