17 04 2009

In case you want to download mp3s for free, try out  It’s a search engine for mp3 music.  The collection out there is pretty amazing.

Windows Movie Maker

15 10 2008

Everyone’s heard of iMovie — the program on Apple Macintoshes that allow you to combine pictures, videos, and music into a high-quality DVD video.  Well, Microsoft has one too — called Windows Movie Maker.  This much-maligned program is pretty good as I found out.

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MP3 Tag Editing

8 10 2008

I’ve spent many hours editing mp3 tags.  “What are mp3 tags?”, you ask?  It’s the artist, title, track, album, etc. info that displays when playing your digital audio music.   Why is this information important?  Because wrong info (or typos) inevitably crop up in your music and thus make it difficult to find your music on your iPod.

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Internet Radio

31 03 2008

One of the cool things about the web is listening to radio “stations”.  It’s free.  It’s cool.

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Home Theater Tips – Part 8 – PC Home Entertainment

25 01 2007

PCs are only for your home office, right?  No.  Having a PC in your home entertainment system isn’t a far-fetched idea.

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Sound cards

4 10 2006

Some words are synomous with others: Kleenex = facial tissue, Xerox = copier, HP = printer, and Sound Blaster = sound card. Well, nowadays there’s a bit more to know about sound cards than just a name. Let me give you my $0.02 on sound cards.

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Digital Music Primer, Part 6 – Online Music Overview

3 10 2006

I’d like to review the various ways to get music.

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Digital Music Primer, Part 5 – Lossless Music Formats

29 09 2006

All of the popular music formats sacrifice quality for a smaller size: mp3, Apple AAC, Windows Media Audio, etc. The trade-offs are acceptable: songs are approximately 10% of its original size and yet subjectively keep 70-80% of the original quality. However, for some home applications, nothing less than 100% will do.

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Digital Music Primer, Part 4 – Organizing Your Music Collection

28 09 2006

I’d like to mention a few invaluable software tools to get your digital music collection organized.

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Digital Music Primer, Part 3 – Music Home Entertainment

27 09 2006

Is your home stereo/theater system so “last century”? I mean .. do you still use CDs when you want to listen to your music? DVDs? If you still do, then you’re not up to speed on the latest/greatest ways to modernize it. Let me fill you in.

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