Good Enough Is Good Enough

25 08 2009

I ran across this great article in Wired magazine about how applying “keep it simple stupid” principles to technology is what people want.  It’s a fascinating read.

Gov't Bailout Op-Ed

23 09 2008

I ran across a great op-ed by Ron Paul, talking about America’s current financial crisis.  Ron Paul bring so much clarity to the issues at hand.  It’s sad that the mainstream political parties hate him and marginalize him so much.  Ron Paul also appeared on CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer: reshowing on YouTube.

Conference Calls

8 09 2008

I’ve been on more than my fair share of conference calls over the years.  Most conference calls are irritating and mildly effective at best.  Here’s my take on the best and worst of them.

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Electronic Communication And Its Subtleties

27 08 2008

In today’s society, it’s easy to isolate yourself and yet still “be in touch” because of electronic communication.  I’d like to discuss some subtle meanings implied when a particular form of communication is used.

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Video Professor

6 08 2008

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV for Video Professor (VP).  The first video is free — only pay $6.95 for shipping and handling.  You’re saying “What’s the catch”, right?  Oh yeah — there’s plenty.

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Degrees Of Truth

31 07 2008

What is a lie?  In the strictest sense, it’s saying anything that isn’t 100% the truth.  However, modern-day adults “bend the truth”, “put a spin on it”, use “white lies”, and other forms of subtle deception.  I’d like to put things in a brighter light, so to speak.

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Movie Rental Holy Grail

30 07 2008

The “holy grail” of movie rental is video on demand: delivering movies to your home electronically via the internet to your TV.  No going down to the video rental store and finding out your movie is out of stock.  No more late fees.  Are we closer?  Yes.  Are we (ever) going to get there?  I doubt it.  Here’s why.

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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse – Rip-Off

28 07 2008

I make a distinction between “scam’ and a “rip-off”.  A “scam” is clearly illegal whereas a “rip-off” means a product of service is clearly over-priced or just clearly marketed to gullible people.  Sweepstakes Clearinghouse is clearly in the “rip-off” category.

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Best Buy Scams

8 07 2008

An employee at Best Buy has revealed his scamming techniques to rob you whenever you bought a computer from their store.  It’s slick and I wouldn’t have thought of it.  It’s definitely worth reading at The Consumerist.  I don’t buy computers at any retail store anyway:  I hate waiting months to get back my rebate money.  And I like mail-order Dell computers better: cheaper, free s/h, more for your money.

The 9/11 Rebuilding Debacle

1 07 2008

Time Mag has a great article about the delays and infighting going on at the 9/11 WTC rebuilding site.  Believe it or not — the 9/11 Memorial won’t be finished by 9/11/2011 — TEN YEARS after that fateful day.   What a national disgrace.