Laser Printer Health Risks

7 08 2007

An article finally came out about laser printer health risks.  It’s been suspected for years; now finally confirmed with a study.  However, I think its conclusions, although good, need to be put in perspective.

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To Be #1, Be #2-3-4-5 First

15 11 2006

One observation I’ve noticed is that many companies, in the pursuit of being Number One in their product/field/service, forget to first beat the others first.

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Printer Tips (3 of 3) – Care and Maintenance

13 10 2006

In the last of my 3 part series about printer tips, I will cover care and maintenance of your printer.

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Printer Tips (2 of 3) – Paper Path, Driver

12 10 2006

If you want to get more out of your printer, you need to “dig deep”, so to speak. In part 2 of this series, we will discuss your printer’s paper path and driver features. Read the rest of this entry »

Printer Tips (1 of 3) – Paper

11 10 2006

Printing take their printers for granted. When things don’t print properly, they start speaking in French. However, a large part of a printer’s success depends on you, the user. Be good to your printer and it will be good to you. Part 1 of this 3 part series covers paper selection and special media. Read the rest of this entry »

Color Laser Printer Rules

6 09 2006

When choosing to purchase a color laser printer, most people look only at the price tag. Wrong approach. Make the wrong choice and you’ll be burning a hole in your wallet .. really fast. Having had 5+ years working with laser printers at Xerox and Samsung, I’d like to share my three rules to help simplify and prioritize your buying decision.

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Printers – Dollars and Cents

15 07 2006

Printer manufacturers use the razor blade business model — cheap/free razors and expensive razor blades.

Inkjet printers are a prime example. Printers are really cheap — as low as $70. But the ink cartridges cost $20-$30+ each. Ouch!

Color laser printers have become really cheap — but at a hidden cost — toner is expensive.

Monochrome laser printers are actually the cheapest to own in the long run. Low-end laser printers ($100-$200) that cost you roughly 2-3 cents per page. The more expensive the laser printer, the cheaper it is to own and operate. The HP LaserJet 4250 is $900, but the cost per page is 1 cent per page.

Color laser printers cost 12+ cents per page. Color inkjets cost 15+ cent per page.

The bottom line — if you really really need color, then get it. Otherwise save your $$$ and get a monochrome laser printer. If you strictly print b&w business documents, you’ll save a bundle of $$$ in the long run if you use a monochrome laser printer.

FYI 1. Thinking about purchasing a color laser printer to mainly print b&w documents? Forget it. I’ve run the numbers. B&W docs printed on a color laser cost 7+ cents per page — twice as much as b&w docs on a monochrome only laser printer.

FYI 2. When you own a color laser printer, one thing you need to budget for is the cost of not only replacement toner but replacement drums, transfer belt, rollers, etc. Running the numbers, you’ll find that if you buy a $400 color laser and need to buy these consummables, you might as well throw it away and get a brand-new one. I’m not kidding. Sorry you Save-The-Earth people.