Returning US Citizens – Laptop Computers Confiscated

9 09 2009

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it seems like it.  If you are a US citizen, travel abroad and return home, your laptop computer can be seized and searched and returned up to 30 days later.  It’s pretty crazy if you ask me.  Anyway, read about it here.

AVG Antivirus Problem

17 11 2008

AVG Anti-Virus made a serious mistake — it misidentified a key Windows file as having a trojan and told people to delete it.  If you followed its suggestion, your PC was put in an endless reboot cycle.  Ouch!

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AVG v8 Slowdowns

15 07 2008

Preliminary reports are coming in that AVG version 8 is slowing people’s computers down.  So far one of my client is reporting it (who has an older computer).  However, newer, faster computers don’t appear to have this problem.  Here is a report from PCWorld.   Cure?  Disable the LinkScanner module of the program.

Standard PC Setup

26 03 2008

When I setup a PC, it’s not just good — it’s perfect.  Even though I’m a pro at doing it, it still takes me 5+ hours to do.  Do you wonder what’s in my toolbox?  Well let me show you.

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Spyware Removal Tip – Safe Mode

21 11 2007

Having problems removing a particularly difficult spyware?  i.e. After you remove a spyware, on reboot and rescan it shows up again?  Try booting-up your computer in Safe Mode.  Then rescan your computer.

Windows Data Execution Prevention

27 08 2007

One way malware, i.e. spyware, viruses, trojans, get on your computer is through the execution of data.  Let me explain.

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21 08 2007

Security is the big computer topic these days.   You hear about laptops containing valuable data being stolen — quite frequently.  Want to protect data in your laptop?  Try TrueCrypt.  This free program allows you to make an encrypted drive where you store your valuable data.  If your laptop computer is stolen, the encrypted drive’s data is inaccessible because of military-grade encryption.  I gave it  a test run and can say it works quite well.

Home Page

Norton Removal Tool

1 08 2007

I absolutely despise Norton Antivirus and related products — like its Internet INSecurity Suite.  Tests show that Norton Antivirus slows your computer down by 58% — LESS THAN HALF SPEED!  Your Pentium 4 automatically becomes a Pentium 3.  How wonderful!  Removing it? — a pain.

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Computer Updates

20 10 2006

A vast majority of computer users don’t keep their computers up-to-date. It’s not surprising — it’s simply a chore to keep software updated on your computer. However, it’s important to keep it updated because of security patches and the fact that your computer simply runs more smoothly when it’s software is up-to-date.

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Free Online Security Tests

6 10 2006

I don’t think I’m paranoid — I just think the world is out to get me .. or my computer at least.  If you’re curious as to how secure your computer really is, here is some links to find out the truth .. assuming you can handle it.  :-)

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