Standard PC Setup

26 03 2008

When I setup a PC, it’s not just good — it’s perfect.  Even though I’m a pro at doing it, it still takes me 5+ hours to do.  Do you wonder what’s in my toolbox?  Well let me show you.

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Spyware Removal Tip – Safe Mode

21 11 2007

Having problems removing a particularly difficult spyware?  i.e. After you remove a spyware, on reboot and rescan it shows up again?  Try booting-up your computer in Safe Mode.  Then rescan your computer.

Norton Removal Tool

1 08 2007

I absolutely despise Norton Antivirus and related products — like its Internet INSecurity Suite.  Tests show that Norton Antivirus slows your computer down by 58% — LESS THAN HALF SPEED!  Your Pentium 4 automatically becomes a Pentium 3.  How wonderful!  Removing it? — a pain.

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Computer Updates

20 10 2006

A vast majority of computer users don’t keep their computers up-to-date. It’s not surprising — it’s simply a chore to keep software updated on your computer. However, it’s important to keep it updated because of security patches and the fact that your computer simply runs more smoothly when it’s software is up-to-date.

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Why PCs Slow Down

19 09 2006

Sometimes I think I need anger management. I’ll be working on a PC and say, “Why is my !@#$ Pentium 4 working like a 486?” Luckily, some technicians have studied the problem and published their results. The results are very interesting.

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Free Anti-Spyware/Virus Tools

29 08 2006

I was working on a client’s computer and discovered 3 virus infections. Norton AntiVirus was installed and running! I’ve seen similar situations with spyware infections on computers running antispyware too.

The fact of the matter is that there is no software that is 100% effective against viruses and spyware. That is why when I work on a client’s computer and clean it of viruses and spyware, I double-check it with supplementary tools. It’s just good to have a second, third and fourth opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

Safe Searching

18 07 2006

Some websites you visit are infested with spyware. Just by visiting a site or downloading some innocent “screen saver”, you unknowingly infect your computer with spyware. There’s a safer way.

Instead of using plain old Google, use Scandoo instead. Scandoo uses Google as a search engine and cross-references the results with known spyware-infected sites and gives you three symbols: checkmark – safe, x – unknown, and bug – bad.

You can also use Scandoo as your Firefox search engine. Go here.

Safe surfing!

Spyware — Stopping and Preventing It

5 07 2006

Computer users seem to be worried about viruses. However, a much bigger problem is spyware. Without going into the gory computer details of what, where, and why of spyware, this is what you do to fix it:

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