World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

26 08 2009

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea is an incredible ship.  It can carry up to 6,400 passengers and cost over $1 billion dollars.  It sets sail this December.  The video is amazing.

Links:  MSNBC, Gizmag, Royal Caribbean

Airline Fuel Saving Measures

29 05 2008

Airlines are really hurting now that fuel costs are skyrocketing.  In response, airlines are responding by different combinations of cost cutting and raising revenue.  Some are popular; some clearly aren’t.  Here’s a short list that I’ve compiled:

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Airlines – Desperate Measures

22 05 2008

With the price of a barrel of oil now hitting $135, the airline industry is now taking drastic measures to reduce their operating losses.  Most airlines have started charging for a 2nd check-in bag.  American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, has taken the unprecedented step of charging for the 1st check-in bag.  Here’s a good article from ABC News which discusses this issue and other trends.

The Perfect Beach

13 08 2007

If you had to design the perfect beach, what characteristics would it have?

How about:

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Safest Seats On An Aircraft — In The Rear

23 07 2007

Popular Mechanics has this interesting article that scientifically analyzed airlines crash survivor’s seating arrangement and had some interesting results — cheap seats in the back are better.

Protecting Your Gear

15 12 2006

If you ever have valuable things to carry or ship — either by air or ground, you should look into investing in the right case to protect your gear.

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Travel Tips

30 10 2006

I used to think traveling was glamorous — not anymore. I’ve been on more than my share of business trips and I simply hate them. Nevertheless, I have prep. tips for you.

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Websites – Travel

9 08 2006

I’d like to share some websites with you when you plan your next trip.

Online vs. Travel Agents.
Basically, your local travel agency can beat most online prices because they go through wholesalers. There are these wholesalers out there which buy large blocks of seats from the airlines and then resell them to your local travel agency. Your local travel decides how much profit they want to make, marks it up, and quotes you a price. Depending on what’s available, you can save money. However, I go online to get an idea of what’s the “going rate”, so to speak.

The Big 3.
These are the big websites that everyone uses. I use them to get a good idea on the “ballpark” figure a trip will cost. Don’t believe the “save money when booking hotel and travel together” mantra. It’s crock. It’s really for convenience. You also won’t save any money getting your car through these guys. Don’t forget that mandatory taxes and fees are tacked on at the end just before giving your credit card #.
The Big 3 are: Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity.

Accommodations. used to be my favorite site to book hotels. That is, until I found On average, I save 25% off the Big 3 prices. is usually a few bucks cheaper than the Big 3, so I use them when Hotwire can’t get me exactly what I want.

Other Airlines.
Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airlines don’t list their flights on the Big 3. So check prices directly on their website. I fly JetBlue whenever I can — I love it. I am also pretty sick and tired of high Hawaii interisland fares with Aloha and Hawaiian. I am going to try Go! Air the next time.

Bargain Finder.
SideStep is reputed to be a good site to find travel bargains. I haven’t tried it myself, but know of some good reviews of it. might be worth checking, but I doubt the deals are truly “bargain basement”.

Trip Research.
Plan your trip wisely through these tools:
CitySearch, Yahoo! Travel, and Fodors.

Misc. Sites.
I list these sites because they provide useful info:
OneBag — packing tips.
Seatguru — choose your seating assignment wisely.
FlyteComm, FlightAware — track a flight.
FlightStats — is your flight usually ontime?
Panda Travel — heard good things about this travel agency
WebFlyer — track your airline miles.
Boyd Vacations Hawaii — definitely the cheapest for the HNL-LAS gamblers. Beware of the “cattle car” seating in the DC-10s though.
Ask The Pilot blog — Q&A from a pilot

Fuggetaboutit. a.k.a. stay away
Cheap Tickets — This used to be a great place to buy tickets. Not anymore. Sucky prices, period.
Hawaiian Travel Club — Bad experience with them.