Partition Wizard – BAD BAD BAD

22 04 2010

When I setup a system, I like to partition the drive – dividing the drive into many multiple logical drives.  This makes backing up and restoring data easy.  I was liking Partition Wizard for the last few months .. until I lost data.  Warning – stay away from this program.

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Alternate Keyboard Layouts

3 09 2009

The standard keyboard layout of your computer is called QWERTY. It was invented in the early 1870s to SLOW down your typing – because of the key jamming associated mechanical keyboards of that era.  Unfortunately, modern society has been cursed with this layout.  Are there some better layouts? Yes.

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SpeedFan – Monitor CPU Temps

20 04 2009

One very useful utility program is SpeedFan. With it you can see if your CPU is overheating because of a loose heatsink/fan.  What happens if your CPU overheats?  You destroy your computer.

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Partition Pains

21 11 2008

One of my rituals when setting up a computer is partitioning it.  However, it’s becoming increasingly harder to do nowadays.

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Windows Easy Transfer

29 10 2008

One of the biggest PITA (Pain In The A@#) things about upgrading a PC is moving the files and settings over from the old machine to the new machine.  I’ve always done it the hard way – manually copying files.  But I’ve discovered Windows Easy Transfer.

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Drive Encryption

24 10 2008

If you’re paranoid, then you want to encrypt your hard drive.  Why do this?  Protection — in case someone steals your laptop, external hard drive, etc.  There are several ways to go about this.

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System Mechanic – Pure Crap

17 10 2008

Do yourself a favor — don’t install System Mechanic.  It’s pure crap.  Promise: faster computer.  Delivers: slower computer, scrambled hard drive.

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Green Your PC

18 08 2008

Here are some tips on making your current PC save energy.

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Google's Picasa2 Photo Organizer

7 08 2008

The best photo organizer software is definitely Picasa by Google.  This free great program is both easy to use and amazingly powerful.  I’d like to share some features you may or may not know about.

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Sysinternals Utilites

3 06 2008

Computer techs like me have been aware of Sysinternal utilities for years.  Their free utilities help you see what’s going on “under the hood” so to speak.  They have recently released a new set of utilities that’s worth checking out.  Here is a review and here is the web link to the home page.