DVD Player Technology (2 of 2)

11 02 2009

DVD player technology is still improving after all these years.  Blu-Ray hasn’t caught on yet, and I doubt ever will displace DVDs.  This is just because DVDs are cheaper and the technology is good enough for most people.  In this article, I’d like to discuss the improvements of electronics inside DVD players.

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DVD Player Technology (1 of 2)

9 02 2009

The lowly DVD player has undergone quite a number of changes over the past few years.  Even though Blu-Ray is technically superior, DVDs outsell it by a wide margin and will continue to do so.  I’d like to update you as to technological improvements we’ve seen.

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Blu-Ray Flicker

19 08 2008

Some reports are coming out that some people experiencing a flickering sensation when watching Blu-Ray movies on an LCD TV.

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Blu-ray Follies

20 03 2008

The HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray high-definition battle is over, right?  The winner is Blu-ray, right?  Wrong.  The real winner is the older DVD-Video format.

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Home Theater Tips – Part 7 – DVD Player

24 01 2007

Undoubtedly, you will want to watch movies on your home theater (HT) system.  Here’s my take on the all-important component: the DVD player.

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DVD Players & Region Codes

31 07 2006

The producers of DVD videos are in collusion with DVD player manufacturers to restrict your freedom. They do this via something called a “region code”. Each DVD is encoded with 1 of 6 region codes and is playable only on corresponding DVD player that plays that specific region code. Read the rest of this entry »