Guitar Wood

4 09 2009

The best-sounding guitars are made with a sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides.  One of the best guitar manufacturers is Larrivee.  Why?  It’s about the wood.  Larrivee gets their sitka spruce from the great Canadian wilderness.  In fact the trees may be 200-300 years old.  Great care is taken to harvest these trees.  Read about it from Larrivee’s website.

Martin Guitars Stratbond Necks – BAD BAD BAD

1 04 2009

In case you’re in the market for a new guitar, beware of the lower-end Martin guitars that have a stratbond neck.  Instead of using a solid piece of mahogany (now expensive because of its rarity), stratbond necks consist of thin layers of wood glued together.  Shame on you Martin.

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Guitar Accessory Tips

25 07 2008

I’d like to share some insights as to good accessories to have for your acoustic guitar.

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Great Acoustic Guitars

24 07 2008

I am only a beginner guitar player.  However, I think that I have a pretty good ear for sound and did test a few guitars.  I’d like to share my thoughts.

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Digital Pianos – Closer And Closer To Real

5 05 2008

I do not think that digital pianos will ever rival their real counterparts.  There is just something about a real piano’s touch, responsiveness and sound that just cannot be duplicated by digital pianos.  My favorite piano is a Yamaha U3 ($13,000) and even the best digital pianos can only give me 30% of the satisfaction of playing the real thing.  Nevertheless, the current crop of digital pianos is quite good, and for most people, close is good enough.

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