Partition Wizard – BAD BAD BAD

22 04 2010

When I setup a system, I like to partition the drive – dividing the drive into many multiple logical drives.  This makes backing up and restoring data easy.  I was liking Partition Wizard for the last few months .. until I lost data.  Warning – stay away from this program.

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Turbo BitTorrent

21 04 2010

For advanced users – if you use BitTorrent and the uTorrent client, I have a two tips that may help you “turbocharge” your downloads.

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Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB Hard Drives

15 10 2009

Seagate’s last generation of hard drives (7200.11) had problems.  The original reports indicated that the drives performed poorly in a RAID array.  Seagate compounded the problem by issuing a firmware fix that sometimes “bricked” the hard drive.  Ouch!!

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5 10 2009

I was touting the benefits of the relatively new exFAT filesystem from Microsoft.  After testing, I have come to the recommendation that you AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!  You WILL LOSE DATA!

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Colemak Keyboard Layout

28 09 2009

I’ve been experimenting with the Colemak keyboard layout the last few weeks or so.  I like it very much.  I do have some comments to share:

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Returning US Citizens – Laptop Computers Confiscated

9 09 2009

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it seems like it.  If you are a US citizen, travel abroad and return home, your laptop computer can be seized and searched and returned up to 30 days later.  It’s pretty crazy if you ask me.  Anyway, read about it here.

More Nexflix Tips

8 09 2009

I’ve previously given some tips for Netflix users.  And I’ve learned a few more that I’d like to share.

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Alternate Keyboard Layouts

3 09 2009

The standard keyboard layout of your computer is called QWERTY. It was invented in the early 1870s to SLOW down your typing – because of the key jamming associated mechanical keyboards of that era.  Unfortunately, modern society has been cursed with this layout.  Are there some better layouts? Yes.

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Free Windows 7 Trial

2 09 2009

Microsoft is offering a free Windows 7 trial version.  There are some catches – like a 90-day expiration .. you’ll need to read all of the caveats for yourself.  You can download it here.

Google Search in Hawaiian

1 09 2009

Are you fluent in the Hawaiian language?  Now you can do Google searches in Hawaiian,