The Year In Beer

10 10 2008

I came across this funny funny article.  American drink lots of beer each year — it’s hard to imagine it until you read this article and look at the pictures.

Calculate TP Costs

6 10 2008

I’ll bet you don’t think much about TP, toilet paper.  After all, it’s something you use once, and flush down the toilet.  Well besides paper being flushed down the toilet, you could also be flushing your money.  Have you done comparative shopping on toilet paper?  I have.  It’s shocking.

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U Pick The Prez

26 09 2008

I ran across a cool CNN Electoral Map Calculator.  It shows us that November’s election between Obama and McCain is very very close.  Who’s going to win?  It’s your guess or mine.  Check it out.

US Navy Destroyer DDG-1000 Zumwalt

24 09 2008

The US Navy’s Arleigh Burke -class destroyers are considered to be the world’s best.  However, the Navy is planning on a new of destroyers, the USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) will be the first.  If executed properly, the DDG-1000 will be revolutionary.

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16 09 2008

I found this great website,  They specialize in videos of people speaking about interesting topics in their specific areas of expertise.

Warning: the start of video is loud — turn speakers down.

  1. Open-source software
  2. Mushrooms that can save the world
  3. Free digital library

Rice Crisis

2 05 2008

I found this great article about the rice crisis in BusinessWeek.  Remember the “law of unintended consequences”?  It’s alive and well:

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China's Pollution Problem

19 03 2008

I found this great article about China’s pollution problem.  China is following the same pattern/mistake done by every other industrialized country: industrialize at all costs, then fix the environment later.  Although China is making progress in cleaning up the air by closing older coal-fired power plants, the air may not be healthy enough for some events at the upcoming Olympic games.

Stars In The Sky

13 03 2008

Scientists studying the sky came up with an interesting — they decided to point the Hubble Space Telescope to a dark spot in the sky — approximately the area of a grain of sand held at arm’s length and apparently devoid of any stars.  Guess what they found?

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Advice for — Students

2 10 2006

The school year has already started, so this article might be a bit passe. Nevertheless, here’s my $0.02 on helpful websites and a few suggestions for students. Enjoy.

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Government 101

12 09 2006

To most people, “government”, invoks images of elected officials and the large body of laws of our local, state, and federal government. Complex stuff, huh? However, just as complex science topics like the Theory of Relativity can be boiled down to E=mc2 by Einstein, certain authors are able to simplify complex subjects like government into bite-sized pieces that are tasty and nutritious. I speak of author Frederick Bastiat.

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