Cell Phone Spam Refunds

19 03 2009

I’ve been receiving Spam (unsolicited) text messages on my cellphone lately.  I called T-Mobile’s customer service and had them credit my account.  Just FYI.

Saving Electricity First Step

18 03 2009

If you want to save electricity, the first step is to measure how much each device is using.  The Kill A Watt P4400 is great for doing just that.  Combine with this a short extension cord and you’re on your way to finding out which device is raising your electricity bill so high.  This gizmo is only $22 at Amazon or $40 at Home Depot.

DVD Player Technology (2 of 2)

11 02 2009

DVD player technology is still improving after all these years.  Blu-Ray hasn’t caught on yet, and I doubt ever will displace DVDs.  This is just because DVDs are cheaper and the technology is good enough for most people.  In this article, I’d like to discuss the improvements of electronics inside DVD players.

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DVD Player Technology (1 of 2)

9 02 2009

The lowly DVD player has undergone quite a number of changes over the past few years.  Even though Blu-Ray is technically superior, DVDs outsell it by a wide margin and will continue to do so.  I’d like to update you as to technological improvements we’ve seen.

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Apple iPod News 2008-09-09

9 09 2008

Apple has updated its iPod lineup.  It’s not earth-shattering.  The biggest news is the redesigned iPod Nano.

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Surround Sound – Highly Overrated

22 08 2008

In America, more is better, right?  Not always.  More is NOT BETTER when it comes to mega-multi-speaker surround sound for your home theater.

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CD/DVD Storage

20 08 2008

I’d like to share some of my opinions about CD/DVD storage options out there.

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Blu-Ray Flicker

19 08 2008

Some reports are coming out that some people experiencing a flickering sensation when watching Blu-Ray movies on an LCD TV.

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Nokia PC Suite

2 07 2008

If you have one of the newer (and probably more expensive) Nokia cellphones, you may be in luck.  Nokia offers a free software called Nokia PC Suite.  It’s a program used to get a better grip on your cellphone.

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Cell Phones Suck

25 06 2008

Modern cell phones have made big strides over the years: small, cheap, powerful, color LCDs, text messaging, battery life, etc. etc.  But I have several major gripes against the current crop of cell phones.

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