UCSD Welcomes You — NOT

2 07 2009

There’s an old cliche – to err is human, to really screw things up requires a computer.  True true.  UCSD accidentally sent acceptance emails to applicants – who were supposed to be rejected.  Ouch!

Importing Email Is A B-I-T-C-H

23 10 2008

I have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft.  When things work, I love them.  When things done — and often they don’t, my language changes to the French variety.  One of the real pains with Microsoft is importing/exporting email.

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Electronic Communication And Its Subtleties

27 08 2008

In today’s society, it’s easy to isolate yourself and yet still “be in touch” because of electronic communication.  I’d like to discuss some subtle meanings implied when a particular form of communication is used.

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7 11 2006

Ever seen a this in an email: :-) ? Hint: turn your head sideways. This is a smiley, also called an emoticon. These little symbols serve quite an important purpose in emails.

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Less Marketing Please

14 09 2006

Sometimes it’s good to be anonymous. I am speaking of phone telemarketing calls, junk mail, and spam (junk email). I’d to recommend a few good ways to reduce the amount of crap reaching you.

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Free Email Choices

19 07 2006

For free email accounts, you have a choice of the big three: Yahoo!, MSN/Hotmail, or Google Mail (Gmail). In addition, AOL has free AIM email accounts although Netscape email accounts are being eliminated and transferred to AIM. Read the rest of this entry »

Email Accounts — 2 is better than 1

19 07 2006

People make the mistake of using one email account for everything — personal, business, misc.

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Email Etiquette

11 07 2006

I’ve seen a lot of bad email etiquette over the years. I’m sure you’re not guilty of any of them, right? Ok then, these tips are for the person in the next cubicle, okay? Read the rest of this entry »

Email Choices — Web or Client-based

11 07 2006

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