World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

26 08 2009

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea is an incredible ship.  It can carry up to 6,400 passengers and cost over $1 billion dollars.  It sets sail this December.  The video is amazing.

Links:  MSNBC, Gizmag, Royal Caribbean

Kings Firecrackers

21 04 2009

You’ve got to these this dance group made up of girls in the 4th through 8th grade.  It’s simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  You have to excuse the cameraman – he’s a total idiot.

Surround Sound – Highly Overrated

22 08 2008

In America, more is better, right?  Not always.  More is NOT BETTER when it comes to mega-multi-speaker surround sound for your home theater.

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Olympic Disqualifications

21 08 2008

When you hear “disqualification” you think of drugs, and rightly so.  Performance-enhancing drugs are illegal.  Because of disqualifications, medals can be taken away years later.  However, there have been disqualifications for other reasons as well.

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Blu-Ray Flicker

19 08 2008

Some reports are coming out that some people experiencing a flickering sensation when watching Blu-Ray movies on an LCD TV.

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Olympic Logos 1896 to 2012

8 08 2008

To commemorate the start of the 2008 Olympics, here’s a look at all the modern Olympic logos (summer games only).

Netflix Tips

5 08 2008

I’ve been a Netflix member for a year now.  I’d like to pass on some tips for you.

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Movie Rental Holy Grail

30 07 2008

The “holy grail” of movie rental is video on demand: delivering movies to your home electronically via the internet to your TV.  No going down to the video rental store and finding out your movie is out of stock.  No more late fees.  Are we closer?  Yes.  Are we (ever) going to get there?  I doubt it.  Here’s why.

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Star Trek Problems

30 05 2008

I like Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek series.  My favorites are, in this order: Star Trek (Star Trek The Original Series), Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: The Next Generation (STNG).  I don’t like Star Trek Deep Space 9 at all — it’s too much like a soap opera.  Regardless of which Star Trek series you like, there are serious scientific problems behind the science fiction.

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Great Submarine Movies

8 05 2008

I really like submarine movies.  I think it’s the danger and suspense of being in such an unnatural environment, protected only by a metal “casket” so to speak.  At any rate, here’s my list of ultimate submarine movies:

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