Free Windows 7 Trial

2 09 2009

Microsoft is offering a free Windows 7 trial version.  There are some catches – like a 90-day expiration .. you’ll need to read all of the caveats for yourself.  You can download it here.

Google Search in Hawaiian

1 09 2009

Are you fluent in the Hawaiian language?  Now you can do Google searches in Hawaiian,

HP Incompetence

31 08 2009

HP / Compaq’s  technical support is terrible!  How bad?  Got a printer problem?  Buy a new computer to fix it.

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Saving YouTube Videos

28 08 2009

Do you like a particular YouTube video and wish you could save it to your local hard drive?  There’s an easy way to do this –

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Keep Your Facebook Profile Private

27 08 2009

In case you use Facebook, you should know to keep your profile private – allowing only your friends to see your personal info – not the whole world.  Follow the instructions in this CNet article.

World’s Biggest Cruise Ship

26 08 2009

The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea is an incredible ship.  It can carry up to 6,400 passengers and cost over $1 billion dollars.  It sets sail this December.  The video is amazing.

Links:  MSNBC, Gizmag, Royal Caribbean

Good Enough Is Good Enough

25 08 2009

I ran across this great article in Wired magazine about how applying “keep it simple stupid” principles to technology is what people want.  It’s a fascinating read.

Cheap Laptops vs. Netbooks

20 08 2009

The whole idea of netbooks was simple: cheap ($300), light (3 lbs.), small (8-10” screen), Intel Atom processor, and no DVD drive.  But what to do to install software?  Buy an external USB drive – about $70.  But now there are cheap $300 laptops with built-in DVD drives.  What should you do?

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Windows XP Will Live Forever

10 08 2009

Finally someone is saying what I’ve been thinking about – Windows XP will never die.

  • XP is “good enough”.
  • Vista stinks.
  • Windows 7 is ok – but not worth upgrading to.

The only way people will use Windows 7 is because it’s preloaded on a new PC.  I think Microsoft “screwed the pooch” by making a Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade practically impossible for the average user — (backup, reformat, reinstall).

What Is A Good Song

6 08 2009

I made a DVD containing sing-along-videos (music with on-screen lyrics) of my favorite Christian songs.  You can see them posted on YouTube.  In the process of creating my latest version, I asked friends for song suggestions.  Boy was that a mistake.  Let me explain.

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